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To become Indonesia's most reliable and professional mining contractor.

MANGGALA has developed an innovative and resourceful mining contractor business model and has successfully executed it in Kalimantan and Sumatera.

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Partnering for Excellence in Mining

Discover How Our Commitment to Safety, Environmental Responsibility, and Innovation Sets Us Apart as Your Ideal Mining Partner

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Commitment to Safety
Environmental Responsibility
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About us

Business activities

As a well-established mining contractor, MANGGALA provides comprehensive services to the site owners in

Overburden removal

We provide cutting-edge overburden removal services in the mining industry.

Coal management

We are not only ensuring the quality of coal, but we also take care that we provide better services

Coal hauling

Commited to streamline your coal transport needs, ensuring timely delivery and minimizing downtime for your operations.

Road maintenance

Ensure that your haul routes remain in peak condition, promoting safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.